Save lives with Project SOTER

Did you know that every year, at least 50 deaths and 4,000 injuries are due to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning caused by faulty gas appliances?

Project SOTER is a ground-breaking safety device, designed to automatically turn off faulty gas appliances by using intelligent sensors to learn, store, and act on the alarm signal of a CO gas detector.

Designed with both the installer and customer in mind, Project SOTER is easy to install; neither the gas supply or the appliance need to be disturbed. What’s more, the innovative device is low cost, making it an affordable safety option for consumers.

My wife and I nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty gas fire outlet. The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning are slow and make you drowsy, so there’s a big risk you won’t make that emergency call in time. As far as I’m concerned, Project Soter should be installed in every home.

Michael Sando

Providing full protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, Project Soter can save lives. As well as giving reassurance to consumers, the device could prove vital to the most vulnerable in society. Whether someone has a disability, hearing problems, or is heavily pregnant, responding quickly to a carbon monoxide warning may prove difficult. Project Soter switches off faulty appliances before any harm is caused. With the rising number of dementia sufferers, Project Soter could provide crucial protection to those with decreased mental capacity, and has a potential use in care homes.

Provided the usual safeguards of alerting the emergency services work, we greatly support the idea of a cut-off system that could be instantly made safe from carbon monoxide. We congratulate Project Soter on this initiative, which is likely to contribute greatly to saving lives and preserving health.

Stephanie Trotter, OBE, President & Director of CO-Gas Safety

Created by registered gas engineer, Ben Kuchta of Quantic Corporation Limited, Project Soter is Ben’s first product launch and there may be more innovations to follow.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with many dangerous gas appliances. As a registered gas engineer, I have created a solution to protect consumers from CO poisoning. I’ve also developed Project SOTER as a platform to include other protection devices, which I also have in the pipeline.

Ben Kuchta – Managing Director (UK)

Soon to be released worldwide through British manufacturer Synthotech Ltd., Project Soter is patented in both the US and the UK.

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