Project SOTER wins 2018 H&V news awards

Project SOTER wins the 2018 H&V Safety Initiative of the Year award! Project SOTER is a safety device designed to automatically turn off faulty gas appliances by using intelligent, patented sensors. 

Ben Kuchta, a registered gas engineer and managing director of Quantic Corporation, has independently invented an electronic device and sensor that can disconnect power to a defective gas appliance(s). Through proprietary hardware and software, the device can listen, learn and act upon the alarm signal emitted from any carbon monoxide detector as to avoid any false alarms or interference from other noise sources.

Mr Kuchta explains: “I often get called to inspect gas appliances and the first thing I ask to check is the carbon monoxide alarm. That’s because carbon monoxide poisoning is the reason behind 50 deaths and 4,000 injuries every year in the UK alone.”

Since the last submission for H&V Safety Initiative of the Year in 2017, Mr Kuchta has engaged key industry stakeholders, charities, organisations and companies that have allowed him to develop better iterations of the device.

Improvements have been made to the data logger so that event information can be recovered with a proprietary connection to a laptop whilst on site. Further improvements have also been made to the user controls to simplify the status of the device and advances made within manufacturing and design to minimise the cost and footprint of the hardware.

From March 2018 the IP for Project SOTER has been taken over by Kuchta Group Ltd and is opening up expressions of interest regarding licencing opportunities. For more information, please contact us via the contact form.